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April 28, 2015

NEW Martingale Collars

Here are 4 great NEW patterned Martingale Collars. All Made in Maine and available in 1" or 1.5" widths! BonesCH_grande400 HoundstoothCH_grande400 PurpleCordCH_grande400 GrayCordCH_grande400Throw Me a Bone Collar, Houndstooth Hound Collar, Purple Corduroy Collar,  and Grey Corduroy Collar.

Hot Diggity Dog!

We love our NEW Hot Diggity Dog Martingale Dog Collars!!  Made in Maine and available in 1" or 1.5" widths. HotDog1_grande400  HotDog_grande400

NEW Maine Wildlife Dog Collars

Take a look at our NEW Black Bear, Maple Moose, Technicolor Moose and Squirrel and Nut Martingale Collars. Made in Maine and available in 1" and 1.5" widths!   BearCH_grande400 MapleMooseCH_grande400  MulticoloredMooseCH_grande400 SquirrelCH_grande400

April 27, 2015

Tennis Anyone?

Here's a bright, fun NEW take on Tennis Collars!  Available on Hot Pink or Blue, MADE IN MAINE and so summery! Available in 1" or 1.5" widths. TennisBallSet_grande400 Tennis1CH_grande400

Who has a Boatyard Dog???

Our NEW Boatyard Dog Collars in Green, Red and Blue are bright and fun and perfect for summer!  Available in 1" or 1.5" widths and MADE IN MAINE!!  BoatyardDogStack_2_grande400

April 26, 2015

NEW Martingale Dog Collars

How great are these NEW Martingale Dog Collars!  Made in Maine and available in 1" and 1.5" widths!

CLICK HERE to see What's New at AGATHA & LOUISE FirstMateCH_grande400LuckyDogCH_grande400SaltyDogCH_grande400

Martingale First Mate Dog Collar

Martingale Lucky Dog Collar

Martingale Salty Dog Dog Collar

April 23, 2015

We LOVE Our Urban Leash

With a new dog in the house, I am realizing how much I love some of the products we sell at Agatha & LouiseIMG_7792 While our old Cairn Gilkey had gotten very old and was not much for long walks, our new mix Bailey is very active and really needs a long walk or run every day. Because of this I find that I am really depending on products that I had not really needed before.

I am in love with my Urban Leash! These leashes are absolutely perfect for a few very specific reasons: UrbanLeashPoster_5_grande

1) They have an easy to use trigger snap clip which is super safe and very easy to open when needed.  

2) Probably my favorite feature of the Urban lead is the side-release buckle on the handle. I cannot tell you how often I use it to attach Bailey to a loop or pole when I need to have my hands free, or want to run into our local market.  I have attached her and she has pulled very hard (I am sure seeing a squirrel or some such beast) and I am completely confident in the security of the metal buckle.

3) Bailey is a rescue dog and when we got her home we realized that she would need some work on leash walking.  I LOVE the built in handle down near the dog that you can use when you want to have a very short lead for complete control. 

4) Another great feature of the Urban Leash is that you can adjust the handle size.  This makes it possible to attach the leash around your waist for running or just hands free walking.  I used this feature often when running with Bailey and it is really nice not to have to hold the leash in your hand while you run!

5) I love the solidness of the Urban Leash.  It is 1" wide and the durable nylon webbing is sturdy and strong.  Bailey is 22lbs and I would highly suggest it for any dogs this size or larger. 

6) The Urban Lead was designed and is made in Maine!  We love all things Maine Made!!

We are loving our dog walks with Bailey, and I LOVE my Urban Leash!

April 22, 2015

NEW Wicked Good Dog Collars

How fun are these NEW Wicked Good Dog Collars???  WickedSetNEW_83d577f5-f89c-481e-8335-07f2d0aa3498_grande  WickedBlue1_grande Available with either Blue, Red or Hot Pink trim in 1" or 1.5" widths.  Made in Maine of course and Wicked Awesome!

April 06, 2015

Our New Dog Bailey by Posie

IMG_7550We just got a new dog named Bailey.

As you might know our old dog Gilkey died September 2nd 2014.  We had never rescued a dog before, so it was exciting.  We got her at the Animal Welfare Society. 

This is the link to their website:  Animal Welfare Society of West Kennebunk IMG_7513

Some dogs have a hard time getting used to a new family.  But for us, as soon as we got home Bailey jumped right onto our couch and made it comfortable for her.  

The story behind how we got her is one day we just decided to go have a look IMG_7527at the dogs that they had.  So we went and saw Bailey.  We all instantly fell in love with her.  We were allowed to walk her and play with her.  We had the Animal Welfare Society put her on hold and got some lunch and talked about her.  We finally decided to get her!  We went back and and got her and brought her home.  In the car she was snuggly and cute.  When we got home she ran around the house then went to the couch.  That night at dinner she lay under the table until everyone was done.

February 03, 2015

Dog Breed Cuff Links for Valentine's Day!

What could be a better Valentine's present for the man who loves his dog than a set of Sterling Silver Dog Cuff Links?? Lab-Retriever-Cuffsphotclea

Available in over 100 Breeds! 

CLICK HERE to view Dog Breed Cufflinks

Use Promo Code: dogluv14 and take 14%off!


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