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February 07, 2012



Hi Pamela- Thank you for your comment. Were there no commercials to benefit rescues or the ASPCA? Unfortunately, I didn't get to see much of the show this year as I was out both evenings for meetings and appointments. However, I did notice on the fb page of Westminster a lot of negative comments and feedback for this year's winner -the Pekingese. I don't remember such immediate negative comments before. What kind of dogs do you breed? I did hear the commentator mention (and I knew) that a Golden Retriever has never won Westminster which is interesting when you think about how popular they are for family pets and for Assistance Dogs, etc...Thank you very much for your comment and feedback

pamela Wieczorek

Shame on America and shame on Westminster. As an American I am ashamed that USA would back a show that chooses a breed that does nothing for the benifit of mankind. This dog has been picked over and over...what a joke. I am a breeder, trainer and I am so disgusted. Not one commercial to benifit rescue animals or to show case the wonderful working breeds. Very Hollywood! I'll never watch again...

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