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May 18, 2015

My Bailey Charm

So happy to have added a new dog into my life and a new Sterling Silver Dog Breed Charm to my Dog Bracelet!! 26.2-ss-2

Having adopted Bailey from a local shelter, we are unsure what breed she is. IMG_7527425We think she is part Cairn Terrier, but she does not look totally like a Cairn.  SO, I had to be creative...I looked through all of our Sterling Silver Dog Charms until I found one that looked like our Bailey. I ended up with the Caridigan Corgi Charm! Bailey is long, has a Corgi%2520cardigan%2520charm__30626.1413841799.1280.1280 tail, and big a Corgi! 

Because our Charms are plain Sterling Silver you can choose the charm that most resembles your dog's body type without worrying about coloration.

Voila! The Cardigan Corgi Charm now looks like our little Black mix! IMG_8030425

Making the charm even more personal, you can engrave your dog's name on the back so everyone knows who your charm represents! IMG_8039

Loving my sweet Bailey and LOVING my Dog Bracelet with all the dogs I have loved!!


May 12, 2015

NEW Puppia Harnesses for Spring / Summer 2015!

We have just added a bunch of NEW Puppia Harnesses to Agatha & Louise. 

  • CLICK HERE to view our What's New Page
  • CLICK HERE to view our complete collection of Puppia Harnesses

Papa-ac1325-600 Papa-ac1315-600 Papa-ac1306-600 Papa-ac1310-600 Papa-ac1307-600 Papa-ac1324-600 Pala-ac860-600

May 08, 2015

NEW 14" Needlepoint Dog Pillows

We've just added 4 NEW 14" Dog Pillows to our Needlepoint Dog Pillow Collection:

K1283400 K1284400 K1285400 K1286400

May 06, 2015

NEW Maine Made Dog Collars

We have just added a few more NEW Dog Collars. First we have 3 new 1" wide collars: Lobster Boats With Bow Dog, Retro US Flag, and Squirrels  Lobster400 Retro400 Squirrel400

Additionally, we have added 2 NEW Bones4005/8" Dog Collars: Cupcakes400Cupcakes, and Bones

We think these new collars are bright and fun and perfect for spring!

May 01, 2015

West Paw Design Bumper Beds

We think these West Paw Design Bumper Beds are the best dog beds out there.

  • Proudly Made in the USA in Bozeman Mt. Bumper-bed-dog-beds
  • Cushions are filled with IntelliLoft Stuffing which is made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Available with 100% Cotton, Organic Cotton, or Hemp fabric covers in a wide range of gorgeous colors. Bumper-bed-hemp-group
  • Easily cleaned in the washer and dryer.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to fit the smallest to the largest of dogs.
  • Most importantly, these beds are super soft and supportive.  Dogs love to snuggle down into the bumper pillow!

CLICK HERE to view our complete collection of West Paw Design Dog Beds

April 29, 2015

Hound Amore Martingale Dog Collar

One more NEW collar! Our 1.5" wide Hound Amore Martingale Dog Collar is Made in Maine and features Hounds in love with tail hearts and nose kisses! CollarRosesSizeChart_grande400

Fabric Dog Waste Bag Dispensers

We are shipping out a bunch of our awesome Fabric Dog Waste Bag Dispensers today.  IMG_7871 Convenience meets style with these great bags.

Clip onto a belt loop, bag or leash to hold dog waste bags on every walk! 

We LOVE these bags and use one every day.  Simply unzip, put in a roll of bags, pull end through the grommet hole and viola! Ready to go!!

April 28, 2015

NEW 2" Morocco Martingale Dog Collars

These beautiful 2" wide Martingale Dog Collars are ideal for Greyhounds. Morocco 2" Martingale Collar in Burgundy, Morocco 2" Martingale Collar in Purple. MoroccanBurgandyCH_grande400 MoroccanPurpleCH_grande400

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